Project statuses

Managing project status

In each project status PATCH there are 3 key fields that dictate what a project is doing. Each PATCH endpoint does something slightly different with the fields.

projectStatus: DRAFT, PAID, ARCHIVED

projectRecruitingStatus: RECRUITING, RECRUITED, PAUSED

closed: TRUE, FALSE

PATCH: /v1/projects/{projectId}/publish

status = 'PAID'
recruitingStatus = 'RECRUITING';
publishedAt = now
expireAt = 1 month from now
(project must currently be in status 'DRAFT')


recruitingStatus = 'PAUSED'
(project must currently be published - status 'PAID' in order to pause)


closedMessage = message; // message passed in to explain closing reason
recruitingStatus = 'RECRUITED';
closed = true;
closedByUserId = currentUserId;
closedAt = now (edited)