Working with responses



Updating a participant status in a study happens through screener response endpoints.

CallChangeAvailable actions following changeUse case
QualifyParticipant status updated to QualifiedInvite, Disqualify, Hide, ReportScreener responses will be passed with a qualified status of true or false based on a predetermined criteria. If Respondent passes a participant with a qualified = false status your researchers have the ability to manually qualify a participant before inviting them.
HideNANAAllows researchers to hide a participant from project view. This signal shows us that their is nothing "wrong" with the participant but they are not right for this project and can be removed from view.
InviteParticipant status updated to InvitedMark as attended, Cancel invite, ReportWhen a researcher wants to work with a participant we need an invite signal to pass along booking or task data to the participant.
Cancel InviteRevert status to previous stateInvite, Disqualify, Hide, ReportSometimes mistakes happen! If a participant is accidentally invited to a study, they can be uninvited with this call. This will remove their ability to schedule a meeting or complete a linked study.
ScheduleParticipant status updated to ScheduledJoin meeting, Mark as attended, Cancel, Cancel and reinvite, ReportFor moderated projects only. After a participant has booked a scheduled time on your platform we need the bookedDate and timezone so that their dashboard can reflect the time they are expected to attend. If the booking URL passed in the project and the meeting URL are different an updated bookingURL can be passed with a meeting link in this call.
Cancel bookingParticipant status updated to CancelledRe-invite, ReportFor moderated projects only. If a researcher cannot make a booked meeting and does not immediately intend to reschedule, this call will remove the booked time information from a participant's dashboard.
Cancel booking reinviteParticipant status updated to InvitedMark as attended, Cancel invite, ReportFor moderated projects only. If a researcher cannot make a booked meeting but wants to reschedule, this call will remove the existing booked time information from a participant's dashboard and let them re-book a meeting time.
AttendedParticipant status updated to AttendedNo show, ReportAfter a participant has completed a call or task this call will mark them as "attended" for moderated projects or "complete" for unmoderated projects. Receiving this call kicks of incentive payout to the participant.
No showParticipant status updated to No showNo show/Invalid responseFor moderated projects only, available after scheduled meeting time has passed. When a participant does not attend a scheduled meeting or if they provide an invalid / unusable response on an unmoderated task and is not intended to be given another chance, they should be marked as no show to signify their exclusion from the study.
FavoriteNon status related flag added to participantNAAllows researchers to flag a participant as a favorite. This is largely a tagging functionality that can help identify repeat participants that researchers may want to work with.
ReportNAAllows for researchers to report a suspicious or fraudulent participant. Multiple reports on a participant will remove them from a platform.

Example status flows


  • Invite -> Schedule -> Attended/No show
  • Qualify -> Invite -> Schedule -> Attended/No show
  • Invite -> Schedule -> Cancel booking reinvite -> Schedule -> Attended/No show


  • Invite -> Attended/No show
  • Invite -> Cancel invite
  • Qualify -> Invite -> Attended/No show -> Favorite