Launching Participant Recruitment API (Email, Social, Blog)

send this to your existing customers when you have launched your Respondent API integration

Email Launch

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Subject: Major news: Participant Recruitment in [your product name]

Hi [firstname]

We've got exciting news to share with you: participant recruitment is now available in [your product name]

This is a big feature. You can now access [our / Respondent’s] panel of over 3 million participants in over 150 countries directly within [product name].

Here's how it works:

All-in-one access: login to [product name] and click on [UI label name].

Set up your project: add the name of your project, how many participants you need, targeting options and what incentive you are paying.

Add screener questions: use these screener questions to find the right match

Publish project: the matching algorithm searches the database of participants and invites matches to participate in your research project and complete the screener.

Review participants: depending on who you are targeting it could take as little as a few minutes to start seeing participants submit their profile for your project. You can review the profiles and accept those you would like to progress.

Complete your research: you have full control over when your participants start and complete your project

Built in payments: the platform handles participant payments via Paypal so you can get on with collecting your insights

Why not try recruiting your next participants in [your product name]?


[Your Name] [Your Title] at [Your Company]

Social Media post

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New feature alert :rocket:

Next time you login to [product name] you’ll notice something new and shiny.

We’ve partnered with Respondent to enable participant recruitment for all [product] customers.

Instead of manually sourcing participants across multiple agencies or outreach, you can now find the participants you need all in one place.

You now have access to a quality pool of over 3 million participants spanning across 150 countries - all within [product]

Read more: [link to blog post]


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We're thrilled to unveil the latest addition for all [product] customers: our participant recruitment panel.

Now you can tap into a quality pool of over 3 million participants spanning across 150 countries. Our suite of research tools, from [insert supported features], now seamlessly integrates participant recruitment. This collaboration is made possible through our partnership with Respondent, a renowned provider of participants for enterprise-grade research, catering to companies like Airbnb, Uber, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Dropbox, and Intuit.

Quality participants are pivotal to impactful research. Yet, recruiting them remains a time-consuming and complex challenge. The efficacy of a research project hinges not only on its design but also on the quality of participants. This integration with Respondent empowers you to swiftly access global participants within the one platform. Our participant recruitment feature enables precise targeting, B2C or B2B studies and we handle screeners and participant payments.

You retain complete control over the process, defining participant criteria, crafting tailored screener questions, and reviewing participants before they are invited to participate. The screener questions serve as filters, ensuring only qualified participants progress.

We're excited to introduce this feature, further empowering you to achieve your research objectives. Curious to explore the possibilities? Schedule a demo with us to delve deeper into our participant recruitment feature.